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Author(s): José A. C. Broekaert

Publisher: Wiley-VCH, Year: 2002

Complete in one handy volume: the multiple possibilities for optical and mass - spectrometric elementary analysis using flame and plasma excitation and ionization. All the important aspects of atomic fluorescence, emission and absorption spectroscopy as well as plasma mass spectroscopy are treated here in a readily comprehensible and practice - oriented manner. Throughout, the emphasis is on such practical aspects as samples, and the radiation and ion sources available, right up to the concrete execution of an analysis. A thorough explanation of the physical, theoretical and technical basics allow even newcomers easy access to the methodologies described here. Example applications and a detailed description of the principles of different spectrometers, including their handling, round off this extremely useful work. Finally, numerous cross - references to the latest literature assist in dealing with special analytical problems.