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Author(s): Michael Baer, Gert Due Billing

Series: Adv. Chem. Phys

Publisher: Wiley-Interscience, Year: 2002

Edited by Nobel Prize-winner Ilya Prigogine and renowned authority Stuart A. Rice, the Advances in Chemical Physics series provides a forum for critical, authoritative evaluations in every area of the discipline. In a format that encourages the expression of individual points of view, experts in the field present comprehensive analyses of subjects of interest. This stand-alone, special topics volume, edited by Gert D. Billing of the University of Copenhagen and Michael Baer of the Soreq Nuclear Research Center in Yavne, Israel, reports recent advances on the role of degenerate states in chemistry. Volume 124 collects innovative papers on "Complex States of Simple Molecular Systems," "Electron Nuclear Dynamics," "Conical Intersections and the Spin-Orbit Interaction," and many more related topics. Advances in Chemical Physics remains the premier venue for presentations of new findings in its field.a